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Starting the Discovery

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

When you first take steps to find your creativity, it doesn't look like anything too glamorous. I first started exploring my creative journey using wood

work, from pallet signs, to creating wedding numbers for tables using farm fence posts. Dabbling in embroidery projects, followed by loom knitting and creating beanies. I mean I am very guilty of having a lot of projects (this only mentions a small amount of previous hobbies) but never perfecting them, just pushing them aside for the next thing. Getting my satisfaction from been there, tried it, what's next. Then I had a go at watercolour painting, I wasn't very good at it... Think I'm still not that great but this lead me on a road to sewing. Followed by polymer clay. All to which after a short time left me feeling unsatisfied.

With acrylic painting though, it just clicked for me. No experience, no lessons, I just fell in love with the entire process. Unwrapping the canvas, creating a background and adding those details. I've been hooked ever since my first one in 2020. That's a big step into the ONE creative outlet I feel I'm destined to follow. Going from changing hobby with the change of the wind, to creating my first acrylic painting collection. With more collections on the drawing board.

Such an uplifting moment to be content and satisfied with what you do & how you do it. The achievement of creating something that was once nothing, an expression, a means of therapy for the mind to focus only on one thing in that moment.

What's your creative outlet? Have you found something you love to do, that thing that lights you up? If not keep being creative, dabble in random mediums till something sticks.

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