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Finding Yourself

Your opinion is shaped by your past, your present, your beliefs, your culture, your childhood, your bad experiences and your good ones.

Your opinion has the power to cut someone down or create a seed of positivity. Your opinion of yourself is the most important & at times the most destructive opinion. Forged over the years by listening to others & imprinting an internal voice & view. Being comfortable in your own skin, with your internal voice, & loving you for you is a long journey into adulthood. This perseption you have of yourself is what will hold you back or propell you forward. For we ourselves decide what we will or won't do, can or can't! Believe in yourself and do the things that scare you, take the risk for something greater, allowing those doors you need opened to open. One foot Infront of the other, you are confident and able! I can stop painting. I can stop going down this path, trying to become a fulltime artist. I could be wasting my time & money. It's a silly idea.... But it's my idea, it's my goal, it's my time, my passion. The only person that will have regrets & missed opportunities is me. I would hate to look back when I'm at a ripe ol age & say to myself why? Why didn't you try? Whats your internal voice hold you back from? What path do you second guess? What dream did you let go or look back on? Do you spend enough of your time doing your hobby/your passion? What do you feel or think about yourself? (Why do you feel that way about yourself?) Written by Terri Pollock

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