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Terri takes on a number of mural projects throughout the year depending on availability. Get in contact for a quote on small to large scale murals.

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Interior Wall

April 2023 Rainbow Trout Mural

Colac West Primary School

September 2022 Australian themed mural created for local Colac primary school, showcasing the bird life that the children find on campus and the native flora. This mural piece allowed Terri the opportunity to paint in her style, as well as share her art with the children. Inspiring them to create as they came out and copied some of her artwork while doing the mural.​​

We felt super privileged when Terri agreed to complete her first solo mural at our school. We had an initial couple of meetings about some of our ideas, we wanted the mural to reflect the birds that came into our yard, our mural is the “show stopper” of our school. Everyone that visits, comments on it, we love it! Terri was super flexible with her times and we couldn’t imagine anyone else having completed our mural to the standard that it is today.

Assistant Principle, Kylie

Star Street, Geelong

2022 Women's Street Art, Geelong Illustrators was commissioned to do a group women's mural. Terri collaborated with a number of woman from Geelong illustrators to undertake this big mural. Attending a workshop with Kaffine to provide the city with a vibrant and cohesive mural. 

“This was such a fun & rewarding project, kickstarting my love of murals. This opportunity allowed me to work with a lot of other people with one common goal, to help bring each others work to life. ”


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