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Indoor & OutoorMurals

Let's work together to create something outstanding! Tap into my creative skill, professional approach and energetic drive to deliver a detailed mural. Get in contact for a free quote on small to large scale murals.

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Terri was recently commissioned to create a beautiful mural at a residential property for someone’s backyard courtyard. This piece intertwines the clients love of the yellow tailed cockatoo and banksias within the design. 


We are so happy with our beautiful new mural in our backyard! Its such a treat to see it out of the window as we walk down the hallway everyday. 

Terri was so amazing to work with, we had a bit of an idea of what we wanted, but couldn’t have imagined it would turn out so good. Terri was fantastic at communicating with us and provided us different options at different price points. The mural was completed so efficiently and with so much care and precision. An extremely professional job and we have been loving showing it off to our family and friends when they visit. 

Residential Client

Yarram Chalk Festival 2024

Participated alongside 14 talented artists, producing footpath chalk art for the township of Yarram. Theme for 2024 was ‘Forest’. Terri chose to create the rare and majestic Cassowary. Seen as the last prehistoric bird found in the Daintree forest up North.  


Mural installation 

Spray cans & Exterior paint

2.4m x 2.4m


November 2023 

7m X 2m Exterior wall