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"I requested to Terri a dog painting for a special friend. When she showed me the sketch, I was already loving it but at the end.. it turned out something so unique, so beautiful and so real. Terri is definitely an outstanding artist, and her work is so meaningful and alive! "

Maira, Geelong

Commissions: Welcome

Commission Paintings

This is a great opportunity to collaborate, helping to make the vision you have come to life. Contact Terri to get the ball rolling, were you can discuss size, materials, subject matter and framing options. Terri can let you know pricing and timeframes, with usually a 4-6 week completion period but this can change depending on workload and shipping times.​

Prior to commencing the piece a 30% deposit of the total price is required to cover materials, with the rest of the payment due once the piece is completed.

If you have questions or are ready to get your special artwork started, Terri cannot wait to hear from you!!

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Thanks for submitting!

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